So, you’ve got a cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig or horse that means the world to you and is part of your family. You’ve probably got hundreds, no, let’s be honest, thousands of photos of them stashed away on your mobile phone. We all love looking at pet photos but trying to direct them to pose and catch this special look they give us is quite a different story. It usually doesn’t quite work out how you envisaged the photo, does it? How many blurry photos have you deleted? How many bum shots or disembodied images do you have? Never work with children and animals they say, and unless you’re a trained circus director, directing your pet can be a bit of a nightmare. Why on earth do they never do what you want them to do and just give you THAT LOOK you’re after? Well, one reason might be because they know you too well! If they associate you with play or cuddle time, sticking a camera into their face simply gives out the wrong signal.

This is the cue for me. By asking a professional pet photographer who spends all their waking hours photographing pets, researching pet body language and behaviour, scouting out photo locations, reading articles and attending specific pet photography workshops, you have someone who knows their stuff. Do you know what the most important accessory in an equine photographer’s camera bag is? … No, guess again… Pebbles. Yes, you’re reading this right. I carry a little plastic tub with pebbles from my garden around that I let my assistant shake in strategic moments to get the horse’s ears to prick forward. I’ve accumulated a whole box of little tricks like that and I even practice making silly sounds while driving my car. It’s a tiny bit embarrassing, but hey, if your dog finally looks at the camera with that special look you love, I don’t mind making a fool of myself by sounding like a quacking duck! Whatever it takes!

My cat Dobby has very recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. It was a huge shock for me and he is slowly adjusting to his new diet and a slower pace in his life. This made it shockingly clear to me that our beloved pets have only so little time with us. We are their world and they are at the centre of our world but sadly, they won’t be around forever. Pets are family too and I passionately believe that everybody who loves their pet should have gorgeous photos of them to enjoy whenever they like. I want you to be able to sneak a tiny peek of your pet on your mobile during a work meeting or smile whenever you enter your living room, looking at the big 16-inch frame that is included in my session price. I would love nothing more than to share the special gift I have to capture your pet the way they truly are and give you these action shots or dreamy portraits you have always wanted but never achieved yourself.

Have a look through my portfolio on my website, Facebook and Instagram. If you know you would enjoy looking at these kinds of photos every day, even at work (I won’t tell your boss, promise!), then maybe it’s time to book your on-location equine or pet photography session with me. You won’t only get this amazing fun day out together with your pet, but I will guide you through the whole process before, during and after the session.

So how does it actually work? Well, once you have contacted me, I will call you back to discuss what kind of photos you have in mind. I will ask you lots of questions about your pet and I will not tire to hear about their little quirks or how beautiful your yard or favourite walk is. I will then send you a comprehensive Welcome Pack and my full price list that should answer all your questions, and if you still have questions I’m only a phone call, text or email away to answer it for you.  

I will travel to you and meet you at the agreed date and location where your pet is the most relaxed. This could be your back garden, your favourite walk or the yard where your horse is stabled. I will come up with lots of different poses and if you want to be in the photos yourself, and I hope you do, then I will guide you through this process too, to ensure that you have nothing to be nervous about and look your best. This day is all about you having fun with your pet family member. 

Next, I will go home and pre-edit your photos. At the pre-arranged date I will visit you at your home to show you the gorgeous photos we have created together during our session. It is quite an emotional experience to see your lovely pet on your big TV screen. I love this part because there are always lots of giggles and joyful teary moments to be had! Together we will then choose the photos you adore and I will bring framing and product samples along so that I can help you choose which format works best for you and would look great in your home. 

After you’ve made your selection, I will complete the photo edits and order your products for you. I only use the best UK-based printers and framers to ensure a smooth and quick process. Once I have received and checked your photo products I will call you to arrange when I can drop off your pictures. The look on people’s faces when they see the finished pieces of artwork is priceless and I wouldn’t want to miss out on this moment. 

Have I mentioned that I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun doing all this? Hopefully, I have made you curious enough to try it for yourself.

I’m currently offering a half-price session for any bookings made in 2019, so please get in touch if you’re ready to book your session now or know someone who would love to receive a very special Christmas present from you.

I can’t wait to hear from you to capture your pet’s personality for you.

Best wishes


*photo credit: Heather B’s Ladies Camera Club, Bolton