January is a funny month for people and businesses alike. Especially in the Northwest of England, everybody seems to go into hibernation. Christmas has long been and gone, all the social energy has been spent and to me, it seems that everybody just takes a deep breath, accesses the damage, makes resolutions and then reboots all systems in the hope that spring arrives soon.

What a wasted pet photo opportunity that would be though!
Even if January to March don’t sound like the months you would even think of booking a pet photo session, it could make for a truly magical or indeed very funny and muddy photo session. Let’s face it, we’re all dreaming of a white winter but chances around here are rather slim. I keep checking the 2-week weather forecast for the first spell of snow in 2020 and I know when it happens I will get so giddy with excitement!

I can just see it in front of me: our majestic Pendle Hill, covered in snow, dogs frolicking around, having fun. It’d be the ideal opportunity to try out some gorgeous winter props like bobble hats, blankets and lanterns. I can see the dreamy winter images in my head. Now the weather gods just need to be kind to us.

sheep in snow
Sheep in the Forest of Bowland

But let’s face it, chances are quite slim that we are going to get a whole magical winter like that in Lancashire or Yorkshire. From a driver’s point of view, I’m quite pleased about that because, to be honest, I don’t enjoy driving in snow and ice and I am a little bit of a wimp when it comes to really cold temperatures. Give me a mulled wine in front of a real fire with my little Pippa cat snuggled up on my lap any time.

However, from a photographic point of view, a wet winter can be so much fun! Just think of your dog going bonkers on a frosty muddy field, rolling around in the mud and playing silly buggers. That’s life in England, that’s part of your memory bank that you have of them and I think this ought to be captured in fantastic action shots and funny muddy portraits. Clouds are a photographer’s best friend and even on a damp day, there are some very honest and real photo opportunities to be had.

Muddy Dogs
Photo from the Muddy Dogs Challenge at Ashley Hall

This is why I’ve come up with a very special winter promotion this year. Roll drums for….


I have teamed up with the fabulous Lisa of Pristine Pooches Dog Grooming in Longridge so that any of my dog clients who book their winter photo session with me between January and March 2020, qualify for a 25% discount for one dog grooming session. The idea is that you can have your dog groomed in Lisa’s newly decorated salon either before or after we get muddy on our photo trip. Of course, not every dog needs grooming but I think it just gives it that little bit of a feel-good awww effect this winter. This is the time when I fancy a spa day or at least plenty of hot baths myself, so why not treat your dog to something similar!

Frosty Dog
Rolo, chief doggy at Animal Magic Family

The icing on top (see what I did there!?) is that I am offering all this at a reduced session fee of £249 instead of £395 for my Muddy Boots and Winter Magic sessions. As well as the gorgeous custom-made big 16-inch frame and the 25% discount with Pristine Pooches, have a look on my website here to see what else is included in this fabulous photography package.

I’ll leave you with a translation of a little winter poem by Sophia Feely. Enjoy and please get in touch when you’re ready to book your own Muddy Boots and Winter Magic Session with me.


Embrace the song of winter dear friend
It’s in the wild wind
The crunch of crystalline frost
The white snow, silent and still
Embrace the song of winter
It’s in missing flowers
In the Christmas pine that glows
In the trees bare of leaves
Embrace the song of winter
It’s in the dog that plays in the snow
In the cat that stays cosy next to the fire
In the animals that hibernate
Embrace the song of winter
It’s in the exciting parties with friends
In the slow evenings with family
In the joy of a warm bed