A heartfelt UPDATE from me and Pippa the kitten: The current advice is to avoid crowds but to get out into nature as often as we can. I heard that in Spain only people who own a dog are currently allowed to go outside, so it seems that dog owners already have several advantages to beat self-isolation fatigue. Let me try to save your sanity and book an outdoor photography adventure with me now!

I am going to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely but at the moment this is my position:

I work on an appointment-only basis, which means I only see one client a day. I will only be offering outdoor photo sessions, so unless your pet is happy in your garden or outside in nature, indoor sessions will have to wait until we get the green light from our government. Equine and pet photography sessions usually take place in an open field or on a quiet walk where there is nobody close by. You can stand back the recommended distance and let me work with your pet. This means we can keep any potential risk to an absolute minimum and replicate your normal interactions with your pet. Please be assured that I will be carrying a hand sanitiser and will not be giving out free hugs or try to shake your hand.

Normally I would have visited you at home after the session and showed you the pre-edited photos on your TV screen. Instead, I will be sending you a link to your very own online viewing gallery where you can select your photos from the convenience of your home. My printer and framer have said that currently there are no supply or transport issues at their end so unless this changes, I will still be able to offer framing solutions.

So, do it like Taloulah the Tortoise – pack your picnic basket and a hot water bottle and come outside with me to catch some fresh air and let me capture this incredible year in very special photos for you to always remember!
These are very testing times for everyone but I am only a little start-up company who arrived late to the Christmas business and then had to cope with the atrocious bad winter weather here in Lancashire. I have worked incredibly hard over the last 6 months to create my photography business from scratch and I am relying on you lovely people to help me not to close my doors prematurely.

Even in these worrying times, people still appreciate gifts. Mother’s Day, Easter and birthdays will be coming up and I do offer gift vouchers that I can send by post or email. You can make a real difference by actively supporting a one-woman-and-a-kitten-business by booking a photo adventure with your pet either now or later in the year. If you are not in the position to do so, sharing and commenting on my Facebook posts and using the ❤️ symbol instead of just a Like makes a real difference to my Facebook ranking. That way you can help me without spending a penny!

Thank you so much for your understanding and support.
Lots of love and a virtual hug for you all.

Eva & Pippa 🐾